German Green Technology Hub


Germany is not only known for its high engineering skills, highest quality standards, and groundbreaking innovations in engineered products - Germany is also known as a leading player in the world´s "Energy Transition" challenge. The aim of the Energy Transition is to achieve a secure, clean and affordable energy supply infrastructure with simultaneous increasing in usage of eco-friendly construction materials and technology.

Green Technology

The German industry is developing worldwide approved best-practices and technology in green tech for years. Big corporates as well as SME are leaders in their specific sectors and therefore set standards for a greener future.


The consortium “German Green Technology Hub” is an initiative supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. The Hub is intented to be a "one-stop shop" presenting German green technology solutions to construction companies and project developers in the Caribbean. At the beginning, the hub consists of four renowned companies and associated partners - but is open to additional members in the future.

Our approach

The Hub will establish a German Smart Energy House on Aruba to showcase several green technology solutions in real application. Based on this showcase, the consortium is looking for collaborations with construction companies as well as project developers or resort owners in the Caribbean .

Within the Hub, the members of the consortium provide the following products and services o house owners and project developers:

  • Insulation technologies
  • PV systems and Small Wind Turbines
  • Reliable batteries for energy storage
  • Moisture management systems for buildings
  • Energy efficient Active Membrane Insulation technology for buildings both out- and inside
  • Consulting & financial support for energy efficient projects in the Caribbean
  • Expertise and trainings for installation companies

GreenTech made in Germany" is a trademark for a high performance and future oriented economy with an immense innovative power and customer-oriented business conduct.