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BAE Batterien GmbH

Reliable and sustainable storage.

Since 1899 BAE stands synonym for reliability in the market for industrial lead batteries. BAE excels in its customer orientation and quality is our hallmark. Nowadays the core business is the production of reliable batteries for stationary and renewable energy applications. A highly flexible and process-orientated structure enables us to provide our customers with tailor-made and sustainable solutions.


iQron AG

Excellence in small wind technology.

iQron manufactures unique small wind turbine systems out of an industrial mass production process leading to best in class TCO. Based on Caribbean's wind condition, very short ROI times are realistic. Highest industrial quality is our DNA: We bring turbines to the market with a life-time of more than 20 years and provide a warranty of 5 years.



Sustainable energy provision for domestic housing.

Being a pioneer in photovoltaic systems since 1982, IBC SOLAR AG can provide you with the fitting PV system for any kind of building. Furthermore we not only excel in integration of other energy sources but we can control the energy flow in the building for all kinds of electric consumption. So you combine a green energy provision for affordable electricity price with a huge independence from public grid.


Material Innovative Gesellschaft mbH

Innovative solutions around the topic "sustainable building".

MIG stands for Material Innovative Ges. The innovations deal with environmental issues. It deals with the reduction of Cr VI in cementitious items acc. to the EU dir. 2003/53/EC. With the active DHMb lining system the amount of energy for heating and cooling can be decreased up to 40%. On facades MIG is listed as key-innovator of buildheat.eu GA 680658. Indoors it is certified as recommendation for „healthy housing“ and complies to LEED requirements. 


Associated partners


Match capital & project

Advise2energy is a boutique investment advisory company specialized in renewable energy with a unique global network in the energy sector. We advise developers and investors in all phases of their project to create a bankable investment. We have advised more then 3,000MW of transactions with an investment volume of more than €3 Billion in four continents.


Matteco GmbH

A specialist in the manufacture of high-quality rubber mats.

matteco GmbH is a specialist in the manufacture of high-performance rubber mats from waste tyre rubber powder for a wide range of areas of application in construction, transport and industry.

The highly specialised properties of the matteco mats are mainly used in areas in which the properties of the usual rubber mats of many competitors cannot cope. Our own production facility enables us to consider your requirements quickly and without complications and tailor the matteco mats to your desired size.